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About us

fWhile being an innovating concept, Chronax has been developed by a successful business man as a response to the need of Romanian entrepreneurs of having integrated services in a “one stop shop” point, where the latter shall take benefit of the following services:

Legal Assistance and Consulting
Audit and Legal Expertise
Accountancy and Taxation
Wages, Management and Human Resources
Entrepreneurial Consultancy

Chronax is a promoter of equality of chances in business and aims at providing specialized consultancy, regardless of whether you are one young entrepreneur strongly believing in your ideas, however not knowing how to develop the same and what resources to rely on, or if you already have one business and wish to provide it with an added value, or if you are one foreign investor looking for trustworthy business partners who can provide you with the best solutions in terms of the Romanian business environment.

Here at Chronax, you shall be welcomed by a team of trained and qualified specialists ready to thoroughly taking care of each and every single part of your business.

Our services are touched by excellence, since Chronax team is constantly striving to bring its multidisciplinary professional team to perfection and keep the latter at all times in touch with any and all amendments of the legislative framework.

Without needing an appointment, we wait for you every day in Chronax Concept Store in a pleasant and friendly ambiance, with affordable and fair fees. The department heads are professionals with over 20 years of experience in the relevant areas and an impressive record of projects.

With professionalism and passion, each team member organises their work efficiently and timely, providing solutions applied to the specific needs of each client and becoming an ally in achieving success in business.