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Access to Finaces

acccIf you have a good business idea, if you find yourself in the possession of a valid business plan as well as of a strong wish to accomplish the same, however you don’t seem to have the material means, as required, you just don’t have to give up! In order to get you the most advantageous finance source, our team of specialists here at CHRONAX helps you by some intelligent solutions and means of a highly efficient performance

Initial consultancy shall be FREE OF CHARGE, and you shall pay for such assistance on a subsequent basis, after getting the finance and having implemented your business project.

  • Own sources of co – opting investors / associates

    The main benefit of financing a business out of one’s own sources is represented by the control over the money. Unlike credits or non – reimbursable funds, one does not require any documents in proof, authorizations or meeting any particular conditions for the use of any such money.
    The downside of using one’s own sources is that, usually such amounts of money are simply not enough.
  • Bank credit

    Although being the most common source of financing, as far as any business is concerned, this particular type of finance also shows a number of disadvantages: as, let’s say, the interest, the request for securities or for any prior background. CHRONAX specialists are capable of providing you with support and guidance in order to get any form of bank finance with a minimum effort on your part, as well as with some reasonable costs as far as an entry – level business is concerned.
  • Asking for a loan from micro – financing companies

    When speaking of any one small business, micro – financing institutions are basically ready to undertake a higher risk, since they work with their own equity. Therefore, they provide the loan in a relatively short period of time, and they also have less rigid conditions, as compared to the ones imposed by banks. However, interest is usually higher than that of any given commercial bank, in some cases even going beyond 21 %.

  • Getting one non – reimbursable finance

    The benefit brought by this particular means of financing is just obvious! There are, however, quite a few downsides, among which the heavy implementation, the lack of flexibility and the uncertain character of getting any one such finance.
    Due to bureaucracy and sometimes to the lack of system transparency, the professional help coming from a specialized consultant stands for an absolute requisite.

    CHRONAX financial experts take an active part in all project – related stages, as of defining the investment and any and all eligible components, and up to the actual cashing of money.