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In order for your business to be able to take steps in its evolution, it needs ongoing supervision of the existing accounting data to make it easier for you to check the existence of potential errors. And this supervision, the auditing, consists of a particular check on the economic or financial business of the company, organisation or of the people in charge with checking again the accounting documents previously developed.

Chronax team of specialists comes to support the success of your business by providing the following services at the highest degree of professionalism:

  • in-house review (check of the regularity and sincerity of the system)
  • account review
  • recommendations on the financial policy and organising accounting based on legal principles

The professionalism Chronax conducts the audit will contribute to the successful implementation of the management plan as this way you will be warned on time of the risks the company is exposed to from financial and accounting standpoint. At the same time, by validating and/or recalculating the liabilities due to the State budget you will be informed of the risks the company is exposed to in case of a tax audit conducted by ANAF (the National Agency for Fiscal Administration), thus preventing potential sanctions.