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General Accounting

IAF_5730Chronax clients are always directed to discuss and make decisions about their projects solely based on a solid business plan. And for this they need clear regular reports on the financial status of their company.

Therefore, we have considered that financial accounting and internal management services cannot be missing from Chronax package. We have recruited in our team some of the best specialists in the field, constantly trained people who understand how important it is to you to have a clear picture of your company’s financial position and performance, cash flows, both for internal activity and the relationship with current and potential investors, clients or public institutions.

And since in a successful business timing is essential, with Chornax you will always receive timely and relevant information for the decision-making process, meeting all tax requirements without exception.

Accounting services are grouped in three categories:

  • General accounting services
  • Elective accounting services
  • Extra accounting services
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