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Legal Advice and Assistance

IAF_5481Turning a business idea into success requires skill, creativity and sound management in pursuing the business objectives. At Chronax, we are committed to take over the concern for the legal issues and offer advice and guidance so that your attention is focused on the business consolidation and development strategy.

Since CHRONAX project is defined by integrated services, we hereby provide you with legal assistance in the following fields:

  • Transactions

    Purchases and wind-ups of private companies, purchase of private companies by means of negotiation and tender (bidding, exchange bids, take-over bids, merges, reorganization plans), mixed companies and strategic alliances..
    • Commercial

      Licensing, insurance, arbitrage, commercial agreements, trade transactions, conflicts between associates, shareholders, commercial partners, litigations regarding any and all contractual obligations, commercial competition, assistance in terms of negotiating agreements.
      • International commerce

        Romanian investments abroad, foreign investments on the Romanian territory and assistance in terms of off – shore companies matriculation.
        • Labor Law

          Consultancy and legal assistance on the current business activity of the company’s clients, in the labor legislation field, labor conflicts mediation, Representing clients in the latter’s relationship with public authorities within the labor law field, as well as in the relationship with the regulatory authorities
          • Administrative contentious and tax law

            Consultancy on opportunity, support, drawing up, representation in court against public administration bodies, representation and assistance in terms of accomplishing the preliminary administrative procedures of fighting the administrative and tax documents (preliminary complaint and appeal)

            Besides the integrated commercial consultancy, our clients could also opt for permanent assistance for their managers or even for the employees.