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    Real Estate and Constructions

    In any construction company, one efficient management has the ability to use all factors from the company’s environment to the latter’s benefit, by knowing its potential, as well as its vulnerabilities. Chronax provides assistance by means of Financial Risk and Investments Analysts, thus identifying the most significant elements which are likely to have an impact on any company’s potential, both in terms of opportunities and in terms of risks.

    By its homogenous and multi – disciplinary team activating simultaneously in the field of management, material and financial management, staff and taxation, Chronax is capable of diminishing difficulties in terms of an overall assessment of the business environment, the creation and turning to good account of construction companies’ opportunities.


    Logistics, Transport, Storage

    From the perspective of financial – accounting records and reports, the transport process shows a higher degree of complexity and difficulty, which fact involves a number of processes: the change of means of transportation, the latter’s supply and maintenance, obligatory stopping in a safety regime, the storage or camping of the staff or travelers; and all the aforementioned may take place in different countries under distinct financial and tax regimes.

    By means of a specialized assistance, Chronax specialists may provide ways to a more efficient management and processes involved in the transportation action, alongside a fair and accurate management of resources. And all of these in order to get optimum ratio among costs, taxation and benefits.


    Public Administration

    Public state administration stands for the overall of public services, by whose mediation one accomplishes the tasks falling under the duty of the executive power in view of providing for the meeting of general interests of the private sector, as well as of the government.

    The institutions making up the public state administration have to deal with quite a lack of specialized personnel in a number of fields, which triggers the necessity of accessing several expertise services from a number of private companies, Chronax being one of them.

    In this particular field, Chronax provides the following:
    • Extra – legal, financial – accounting expertise
    • Services for granting a credit in lei, in view of financing any one local public interest investment
    • Consultancy and assistance services in the project management field


    Light Processing

    The tax system within the most recent decade, has been subject to several unpredictable, even controversial changes. The latter have had an impact on the business environment, by neutralizing financial forecasts, or even business plans.

    The processing industry is one of the highly affected ones, and thus, Chronax has made up a strategy for fighting such impacts, by re-thinking the business provisioning method and, thus, restraining the influence that such changes may have.



    The authorities’ lack of expertise in terms of those complex or specific tax matters, as related to certain fields of activities, such as the trade or the import – export field, makes the collaboration between authorities and the business environment quite difficult or even inexistent.

    Chronax possesses one concerted dynamic strategy so to speed up the settlement of any such deficiencies, while succeeding in shorting up the waiting period and avoiding any lack of clarity in terms of the answers having been received.


    Tourism and Restaurants

    Taxation stands for one major factor in terms of investment – related decisions, since it is one such business – related cost, regardless of the latter business’s type, size or geographical location.

    Due to our country’s remarkable natural potential, tourism is the field that may definitely bring about Romania’s economic growth, as well as a number of jobs, but also some profit to those making investments in this particular branch. All the more, tourism is also the field where one should make the most investments.
    The investors require a strategy as Chronax can compound in order to be able to make one successful investment.


    IT and communication

    Private companies complain about the long time for settling the commercial and tax litigations and, on so many occasions, the lack of undertaking responsibilities at the level of administrative or court authorities.

    It is now that one has to bear in mind, that during the process of running any such litigations, a company’s economic activity shall not get prejudiced in any way whatsoever!


    Vehicles Mending

    The complex character of these services, the wide range of the fields of action, as well as their involvement in all compartments of the economic and social life, show the grandeur of the activity carried out in these services sector, but also the latter’s heterogeneous character, which shall trigger the need for a clarification of the tax treatment of certain transactions. This fact shall make taxpayers ask for explanations from both local and central administrations.

    The long term background of Chronax specialists may be an ace in terms of getting the solutions to any such tax treatment.


    Advertising and Media

    One sensitive area of Chronax expertise enforcement is represented by the area of media services, subject to some constant debate, given the frequency of legislative changes, the ambiguous, contradictory zones, or those that are insufficiently regulated.

    Chronax expertise stands most of the times for the key in order for someone to successfully overcome any and all such barriers.


    Pharma Business

    Even if the tax system is quite the same for all companies, as concerned, regardless of the latter’s field of activity, certain tax provisions may have a stronger impact in several given fields, such as the pharmaceutical.
    In this case, the scope of applicability is represented by some distinct taxation shares and tax exemptions, there resulting an increased degree of difficulty in terms of recording and reporting the tax years, the background in this particular field being indispensible for a fair and accurate representation of the same.



    Standardization in private education services provides the approach of the services volume in terms of quality and price, but also a proper environment for new ideas, as well as for placing some innovating services on the market. Drawing up the documentation in terms of the licensing and meeting the quality standards characteristic to the education activity, stand for one of the fields of expertise here at Chronax.