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Saga – free accountancy program

SAGA  is an integrated accountancy program designed mainly for a firm’s basic accounting needs. Small and medium sized companies, independent accountants or even accountancy firms are the target users pf SAGA C. This software version is free of charge and has no limitations, hence it has proven to be a valuable help for newly founded businesses.

SAGA features an intuitive interface, therefore a prior experience of your employees is not necessary. SAGA – free accountancy program – covers many of the basic accountancy operations:

  • Financial accountancy (account forms, balance sheets, journal registries, inventory registries, annual and semestrial financial situations with reporting files, income tax calculation, standard statements such as 100, 101, 392, 094);
  • Assets;
  • Clients/ providers (invoice situation, timetable, shipping notices, journals, standard statements such as 300, 301, 390, 394);
  • Home (ROL, currency)/ bank (ROL, currency)/ returns;
  • Salaries (generating e-statements and registry records, payment on bank cards);
  • Production (including those based on recipes and/or orders);
  • Internat operations with stocks (consumer vouchers, delivery/receipt vouchers, transfers, inventory, etc.);
  • Foreign currency operations support (inputs, outputs, rate differences calculations);
  • Tracking of profit centers, graphic situations;
  • Support for connecting to cash registers in fiscal printer mode.

There are a lot of advantages for a software like SAGA: accounting, administration, interrelation of data. SAGA developers thus highlight a series of benefits:

  • Quick updates on legislative changes;
  • Multi-user for more companies;
  • Simultaneous access to the same options of the program, through the network;
  • Ease of assimilation and use;
  • Easy handling;
  • Sturdy and fast software;
  • Interactive help.

Some mentions are, however, necessary. Before using a free SAGA Accountancy software, one should know that every update and service involves extra costs. Moreover, for increased performance (usually necessary for large companies), the developers suggest SAGA C.P., a professional accountancy software with a paid license. For 90 days, SAGA C.P. can be tested free of charge.

Some technical limitations include the fact that SAGA – accountancy program – is only compatible with Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 OS.

Today, SAGA is one of the most widely used and easiest accounting software in Romania, due to being free of charge, versatile and efficient.