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Tax Consulting

IAF_5763Chronax experts believe that a solid and reliable business is built by optimising the company’s tax position and meeting all legal obligations on time.

Therefore, a continually trained team will be at your disposal with tax consulting services by continuously giving you the information required in matters related to corporate tax, income tax, VAT, etc. and by finding solutions to reduce them in strict compliance with the law.

Tax consulting will help you plan the payment obligations in the form of charges and taxes not only to minimise their costs, but also to make the best tax-related decisions in terms of the future development of your business.

To this end, Chronax offers you’re an integrated service package:

These services include:

  • Tax consulting on financial and accounting legislation;
  • Providing professional services concerning specialised assistance in preparing the tax and charge returns;
  • Assistance in budget receivables (fines, penalties, increases);
  • Assistance during tax inspections and investigations;
  • Consulting in preparing rules and internal procedures and organizing the information flow;
  • Training client’s staff on how to implement the relevant regulations;
  • Regularly informing of the changes in the financial & accounting and tax area;
  • Representation in dealing with the control bodies of the Ministry of Finance and ITM (the Territorial Labour Inspectorate)
  • Identifying and implementing tax incentives stipulated in the legislation in force;
  • Identifying suitable accounting and fiscal policies.