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IAF_5815Human resources stand for the most significant part of any given company. Therefore, it is of the essence that one makes one’s employees feel secure while performing their job, and at the same time, it is essential for one to provide its business with the opportunity to channel one’s energy towards reaching one’s financial goals.

Our team of HR specialists here at CHRONAX is able to support you with this, by several assistance services consisting of the following:

  • 1. Staff management

    • Drawing up Revisal reports, as per Government Decision 500
    • Drawing up, concluding and recording in Revisal of the individual labor agreements
    • Drawing up those documents triggering amendments of the individual labor agreements, as well as any addenda for the amendment of position, the negotiated wages, the working hours, any decisions for the suspension of the individual labor agreement, decisions for such individual labor agreement termination, recording the latter in the new Revisal system, as per Government Decision 500
    • Drawing up and filling in the certificates requested by the company’s employees
    • Drawing up any staff – related reports, as requested by the company’s clients
    • Legislative support for any issue, as occurring in labor relationships field
    • Representation within the relationship with the Territorial Labor Inspectorate, Tax Administration, Social Insurance House, Health Social Insurance House, the Employment Agency
    • 2. Wages

      • Drawing up and submitting all social and tax monthly statements (statement 112), annual tax forms and tax reports
      • Drawing up the file of wages payment and payment orders, for the tax on wages
      • Filling in the employees’ register
      • Drawing up and submitting the statements on duties and the wages – related contributions
      • Calculation of increments and additions to the basic salary: overtime, increment for weekly rest, night work increment, heavy labor conditions, bonuses, aids, etc
      • Calculation of rest leaves and medical leaves
      • Calculation of any salary – related withholdings and garnishments
      • Drawing up any wages – related reports, upon the client’s request
      • Legislative support in any matter regarding any wages calculations